St Botolph's Church Choir is made up of members of the community and sings at the 10.30am Sunday Service.   The Complete Mission Praise is the source book for hymns sung at Chevening.

The Choir also provides sung items during the serving of Holy Communion, and at special festivals of the Church. So Christmas and  Easter are busy times.

The choir is currently looking for a new leader, as well as more singers.  Please contact the Church Office if you are interested.

Everyone can sing and reading music in a formal way is not a problem! The “tune” is usually sung by the highest voices (ladies, sopranos), but the modern trend often involves everyone singing  in “unison”. Where a piece of music is written in parts (soprano, alto, men ) we do take time to learn these before singing them in Church. We have a weekly practice on Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m. for about one hour (can be a little more!)

We also meet before the service starts on Sunday to have a warm-up, and to run through items with our organist. We would be very pleased to see anyone who wants to have a go; we realise that people  will not be able to come every week. (That doesn’t matter provided we know).

We get a lot of satisfaction – and a lot of fun - out of our singing!  Get in touch!