A message from the Pastoral Visiting Team during the coronavirus outbreak:

We are the Pastoral team of St. Botolph's Church and would telephone anyone who is lonely or worried - just for a chat - no advice as we are not qualified! But we do have a kind ear.
Majorie Jones  (01959 563946) (mob: 07790597733)  
Lela Weavers (01732 456334)  (mob : (07720377380)
Simon Claxton  (0771 527 1976)
Keep safe! 

The Pastoral Care Team led by Marjorie Jones is there to provide support and home visits to those in the community who need it. The team are happy to pray with you or to help in practical ways.  

If you know someone who is going into hospital or is recovering from illness, or who is housebound, and if you know they would like a visit from a member of the Pastoral Team, please telephone Marjorie on 01959 563946.