Prayer Team - Coronavirus Outbreak


We would love to continue to pray for you.  If anything is troubling or worrying you or even if you are feeling lonely or anxious during this very difficult time, PLEASE contact one of us below. We are very happy to pray with you and chat with you. We are there for anyone who has a need - however big or small. Like all of you, we are isolating ourselves so we should be here most of the time. We do try to take a daily walk so if you phone us and there is no reply, please leave a message and we will call you back. 

Lynda Hubbard
Email: click here
Landline: 01732 455956
Mobile: 07530 489819

Mary Chamberlin
Email: click here
Landline: 01732 450891
Mobile: 07812 114604

Richard Chamberlin 
Email: click here
Landline: 01732 450891
Mobile: 07710 553516

We would like to offer you a couple of reflections:



is a time to:-

*L*-isten to God's voice and reflect. 
*O*-bey His word and His teachings.
*C*-all on Jesus name and be calmed.
*K*-now what is the purpose of all this.
*D*-well in His presence. Do not panic.
*O*-ffer a prayer for everyone's safety.
*W*-ait and be patient. This too shall pass over.
*N*-uture our personal relationship with Him.