'Thy Kingdom Come' 

Global Wave of Prayer 2020

'Thy Kingdom Come' is a global wave of prayer calling all Christians to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for more people to come to know the love and peace of Jesus Christ. 

Thy Kingdom Come was different this year due to Covid-19, but still, Christians in more than 170 countries gathered online, bowed their knees in prayer and lifted their voices in hope as we all prayed 'Thy Kingdom Come'!

Here at St Botolph's we held a 24-hour prayer vigil, had '999' prayers on Zoom and encouraged people to make simple prayer stations at home.  Scroll down this page to see what else we did.

It is wonderful to know that we joined Christians all around the world, at a time when we really  need HOPE.  Watch this wrap-up video to see what happened across the world!

At St Botolph's we have participated in this wave of prayer over the last few years with a 24-hour prayer vigil in our church.  We cannot be in church this year due to the coronavirus pandemic but our 24-hour prayer vigil is going ahead and we invite you to join us.  This year the focus is on 'Forgive us our Trespasses'.  Read on to find out more..

How will we be marking this year's global wave of prayer at St Botolph's?

In three ways:

1. 24 hours of prayer in our homes: We invite you to sign up to pray for half an hour in your own home.  We hope to fill the 24 hours so that in our community, we will have a continuous wave of prayer for a full 24 hours.  Click here to sign up, or drop Jess an email at the church office.

2. '999 Prayers' on Zoom: We invite you to join with others from our church community in '999 prayers' via Zoom: at 9am and 9pm on Wednesday 20th May, and at 9am on 21st May.  Please join us for one or all three of these times of prayer which will last around 15 minutes each.  Someone will be leading them, and you don't need to pray out loud if you don't want.  The important thing is to be together, in the best way that we can at the moment. 

Please complete this form (don't worry about phone number), stating in the comments which session you would like to join us for (or all three!) and Jess will send you the joining instructions.

3. Create a prayer station at home or a prayer bracelet, and send us your pictures.

We are inviting you to get creative!  There are three things you can do.

Make a simple prayer station at home.  The idea is to make a place where you can focus on your prayers. So this could be a candle, some objects on a window sill or a table.  

Here are some examples of things you could make:




Thank you to Anu for sending in a picture of a prayer station that she and her family made:


Lynda has sent this picture which is of a piece of artwork that she has hanging in her home.  You could make something similar with word art, either on the computer or by hand, placing the words in a frame.  This picture reminds Lynda that God is with her through good and difficult times:


Make a simple prayer bracelet using anything you have at home. This could even be a simple piece of string or ribbon - the important thing is to wear it for the 24 hours to remind you of the things you would like to talk to God about in the context of 'Forgive us our Trespasses'.  These could be personal things (things we are sorry for in our own lives); national issues, or even global issues such as climate change.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:


Other resources for you to enjoy:

1. Download the Family Prayer Adventure Map!

'Thy Kingdom Come Global' has produced an exciting Family Prayer Adventure Map which features augmented reality.  Click here to go to the website where you can download and print the map (it works in black and white or colour), and download the app to use with it (it works on both Apple and Android).

Here is a short film showing Archbishop Justin Welby exploring the map!

2. Free digital 'Thy Kingdom Come' book from a previous prayer vigil at St Botolph's

Mr Qureshi, a teacher at Chevening Primary School, is offering a free digital version of the Thy Kingdom Come Book that he made after one of the previous prayer vigils that we held at the church. It is a nice reminder of the prayer stations that we put together in the church.  If you click here you can see 3 versions of the book. (The PDF will open on any computer and most phones. The other versions work on kindles etc.) 

3. The official 'Thy Kingdom Come' App

If apps are your thing, the Thy Kingdom Come app is now available to download from Google Store and I-Tunes.

You can download the app here.

TKC app

And finally, click below to enjoy the 'Thy Kingdom Come' Song for 2020, set to the tune of 'Tell out my Soul'.