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Mpendo Roof

Chevening parish is linked to Mpendo parish in the Diocese of Kondoa in Tanzania, where we support the pastor by making an annual payment towards his salary.  Mpendo are at the moment trying to raise funds for a new roof for the pastor's house, which will cost in the region of £5000, and we have been asked to help.  Since we have only recently had to raise funds for our our own roof (and were successful in doing so through donations and grants) it seems only right that we should try to help our much less well off friends in Mpendo.  So this Harvest Sunday, our offerings will go towards the new roof in Mpendo.

If you wish to donate towards this, you can do so via the below:

Thank you so much!


What you give makes a difference.

We would be delighted if you would consider supporting us financially – To the life of the church.

You can do this in a few easy ways:

Standing Orders

An easy way to give regularly is by setting up an automatic standing order through your bank.
For more details contact our Treasurer, Graham. You can email him by clicking here.

Sunday Giving

We have QR codes at church so you can give directly via your smartphone.

We also have a box for cash donations.

Online donations

For quick and one off donations please click the button below.


Thank you so much!

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